Wednesday, 21 February 2018

2018 Term 1, Week 3: Instruments of the Orchestra - Strings

Add bar lines to make 5 bars in 4/4 timing.

Juniors - Moving to Music - Lullaby by Claudia Robyn Gunn 

Lyrics  to help you do the dance: 
to the right, to the right, to the right, to the right,to the left, to the left, to the left, to the left now kick, now kick, now kick, now kick now walk it by yourself,  now walk it by yourself

Instruments of the orchestra  - This week, we are looking at the string section. 

violin, viola, cello, double bass (string bass / bass), harp
orchestra, conductor, audience  
Parts of a violin. Follow this link to find out more. 
Watch this 6-year-old girl play "Let it Go" (from Frozen) on the violin. 

Introducing the crotchet rest. Follow this chart and do the actions. 

Clap each rhythm, then work with a partner or a group to clap two or more rhythms together. 

Homework: Here's a video of  The Pink Panther who tries to play the violin  in an orchestra performing Beethoven's 5th symphony.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

2018 Term 1 Weeks 1 & 2: A New Year and a New School

Welcome back to  a new year.  

Moving to music (Juniors)- Lullaby by Claudia Robin Gunn 

NEWSFLASH: Claudia (who visited our school and worked with some of our classes last year) will be performing songs from Little Wild Music at 11.30am on March 3 on the Auckland Kiddie Limits stage at the Auckland City Limits one-day festival at Western Springs.  Read more about it here.

Dances: (Juniors →)
The Freeze Game 
Get Ready to Wiggle 
Skip to My Lou 

Land of 1000 Dances 
We No Speak Americano 

Viewing and Listening -  Sections of the Orchestra: (Juniors → )
This week we are going to meet an orchestra.  In this video, a young boy called George visits the Sydney Youth Orchestra and learns about the job of the conductor and the different groups within an orchestra. 

Vocabulary: orchestra, conductor, strings, woodwind, brass, percussion

Now watch this video of a live outdoor orchestra performance where Simon Rattle conducts the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. 

- Identify each section of the orchestra as you see the instruments played.
- Can you identify any specific instruments?  
- Which section you can hear clearly, but you don't get to see very often? 
- How does the conductor communicate with the musicians? 
- How can you tell that this performance is a bit more relaxed and light-hearted than an concert in an indoor theatre? 

Here's some hints of how to behave at a classical music concert.

Singing (Juniors→) 
La La song.  This is a fun echo song where you have to listen and copy the sounds and actions of the singer.  In this version, you can see the singer and follow his actions - along with an audience of children.  In this version - you have to listen  and just follow what you hear and read. 


Making Music (Juniors →)
Body Percussion

(Middles →)

Nursery Rhymes (Juniors) 

Jack Be Nimble
The earliest known time that it appeared in writing was in 1815. Jumping candlesticks was a type of fortune telling and also a sport. If you jumped over the burning candle without the flame going out, it was believed you would have good luck. (It was obviously good luck because you didn't get burned!) 

Here's a version with an extra verse to show you what happened to Jack when he didn't jump high enough . . .

Here's a Sesame Street Newsflash version of Jack Be Nimble 
Here's another sesame Street video to help you understand the word nimble. 

Homework / Extra/ Extension:

Musical Conductor Comedy Sketch This conductor is having a lot of trouble working with his choir and orchestra. How much music vocabulary do you understand in this video? 

- What is a concerto? 
- What happens before the piano player comes on stage? 
- What is expected of the audience? What is the  correct way for the audience to behave? 

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Come to this great concert 3.12.2017

Your music teachers, Mrs Lee and Mrs Vincent are singing in this choir. 

Be aware the Pukekohe Christmas parade is on at the same time - so allow time for getting there. Parking is behind the church.

Here's what you will hear them sing: 
Handel - Zadok the Priest 
Mozart - Vesperae solennes de Dominicana 
Vivaldi - Magnificat 

AND  you get a delicious (mostly home-made) afternoon tea after the concert - for free. 

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

2017 Term 4, Week 6: Christmas Favourites

Our Favourite Christmas Dances:

Jingle Bells 
Crazy Santa 
Christmas Tree - Bollywood 

(See Christmas Music page above for more Christmas songs and  chords) 
Put a Sausage on the Barbie
Put a sausage on the barbie
G                  C      G       C
Fa la la la,  la la,  la la,  la
‘Tis the season for a party
G                  C      G       C
Fa la la la,  la la,  la la,  la
G                  C             G
Gather now around the table
C            Am         D       G
Fa la la,  la la la,  la la,  la
Eat as much as you are able
F                C         G      C
Fa la la la,  la la,  la la,  la

See the Christmas tree before us
G                  C      G       C
Fa la la la,  la la,  la la,  la
Presents underneath it for us
G                  C      G       C
Fa la la la,  la la,  la la,  la
G                            C                 G
We are counting sleeps ‘til Christmas
C            Am         D      G
Fa la la,  la la la,  la la,  la
Hoping Santa makes a visit
F                 C       G       C
Fa la la la,  la la,  la la,  la

Fast away the old year passes
G               C         G      C
Fa la la la,  la la,  la la,  la
No more school and no more classes
G                C       G       C
Fa la la la,  la la,  la la,  la
G                               C         G
Summer’s here, the skies are clear
C            Am        D        G
Fa la la,  la la la,  la la,  la
Holidays are nearly here
F                  C       G      C
Fa la la la,  la la,  la la,  la

Cut to 1.27 for this young girl play Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love"  in Denmark's Got Talent.
Her name is Johanne Astrid and she won Denmark's Got Talent, 2017.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

2017 Term 4 Week 4

How many symbols can you identify?  You will need to rotate some of them to see them the right way up. 

The  symbol used for the eyes in the picture above is called alla breve  and is a time signature meaning 2 minim beats per bar (2/2 timing). It's not very common in music at our  stage. 

- Movement song "I love you more" by Claudia Robin Gunn 
Seniors and Intermediates - Requests. 

Theory and note values:   Add bar lines  in 4/4 timing, then clap the rhythm pattern. Watch out for some semiquavers in the extension activity. 
Junior rhythm patterns: 

Revise this pattern from last week: 

Now try this  pattern, adding a one beat rest. 
Juniors: Here we go round the Mulberry Bush 

Can you name these notes? 

Ode to Treble Clef  (Click here for link to video
Oh treble clef, we love you treble clef.
We just can
t get enough of our little treble clef!
You are our fav
rite musical symbol, its plain to see!
You sit there on the music staff curled round the letter G.
s the second line of the music staff,
the G right above middle C.
You sit there on the music staff curled round the letter G.
s the second line of the music staff,
Whoa oh, oh, oh treble clef, we need you treble clef.
You help us treble clef to read the notes on the staff
the G right above middle C.
Whoa, oh oh oh, treble clef, without you itd be so rough
Your shape is cool, its wonderful,
its an old fashioned G
When youre there in your cozy spot,
the notes are plain to see.
Oh, the lines are E, G, B, D and F.
The spaces are F, A, C, E.
Whoa, oh oh oh treble clef, we need to know this stuff.
Please help us, treble clef.  We need you, oh treble clef.
Whoa oh oh oh treble clef,
you beautiful treble clef,
You are our fav
rite musical symbol.
We love you so.
We love you so.  

The story of Ferdinand the Bull - Listen to how the music helps tell the story. 
What instruments can you identify? 
Are any instruments used for any specific purpose. 
When does the music get louder and softer?

Seems to be an updated  and full-length feature movie about Ferdinand. 
You can see the trailer for it here.